The growth of the internet has transformed the market in which many businesses operate in today. No longer are they dependant on local customers alone, and long gone are the days when ads in the local paper and local networking organisations influenced your success. You are now part of a global market! Your future is dependant on understanding what your customers want and ensuring your message adds value, is concise and can be clearly found across multiple online mediums, such as social media and search engines.

The growing demands of the internet have transformed how marketers market their products and services. Only 10 years ago consumers would visit one or two websites and make a decision based on their limited findings. Today, the data available is endless with customer reviews, price comparisons and value add offerings being a plenty! The freedom of data has transformed the role of the sales person within the purchasing process… how can you sell to a customer who is already equipped with all the information and knows exactly what they want, and in many cases where they want to buy it from! More now than ever the purchasing power is in the hands of the customer. So how can marketers ensure their brand is heard?

Today’s marketers need to think beyond cold calls, mass marketing and farming bought data! Marketing in todays environment requires concise, optimised and quality messaging that stands out from their competitors. Below are a few things we feel are key when looking to influence customer behaviour.

  1. Ensure your value add is clearly demonstrated – It’s not always about making a hard sale from the word go. It’s key you start a dialogue and establish communication with your customer. Find a common ground and build from there.
  2. Content is King! – I’m sure everyone has heard this on multiple occasions! Your customer base is savvy and will carry out their due diligence on a product and brand before a purchase is made. Be unique, establish an identity and ensure your message is genuine and captivating. Remember its not all about your product… Engage with your audience.
  3. No one trick wonder…– Your audience operate in a multi-channel world and so should you! Only communicating via email isn’t going to work. You need to look at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc
  4. Don’t forget to monitor your success – Analytics are key. Examine the impact of your blog posts, ads, website and social activity. By reviewing your activity you can improve the relevance, success and ROI.

The digital revolution has changed marketing and the pace is ever quickening. The real-time conversations between companies and customers requires creativeness to connect across multiple platforms and devices. For more help and advise on how you can bring your marketing into the 21st century contact


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