Whether you are a start up or an established business every marketer will tell you that your brand is key to building a successful business, especially in todays competitive, global market… but why?

Your brand defines your business from competitors; who you are, what you stand for, reputation, as well as being memorable and the focus of all your marketing efforts. Your brand connects with your target market and strives to establish loyalty with its customers. Think of avid Apple and Microsoft devotees… You’ll never catch a Microsoft advocate purchasing an iPhone as well as an Apple enthusiast choosing a Microsoft device over a Mac or iPad!

So what defines your brand? Don’t be fooled in thinking this is a 5 minute job! Your brand is not just about your logo, word choices, type font, design and colours… It’s what your brand stands for in the hearts and minds of prospects, customers and employees. So where do you start?

Branding is often associated with the visual elements that represent your business. However, the success to creating an effective brand starts long before you consider the shades of your logo and letter headed-paper! Here are our key factors to consider when defining your brand.

  1. Brand Positioning – What do you stand for and who are you?
  2. Target Audience – Don’t attempt to appeal to all or you will dilute the power of brand association. Your target audience should define how and who you want your brand to be associated with. Think about Microsoft and Apple again… Apple is targeted at the image conscious , creative individuals, whereas Microsoft targets the techies and encourages a strong technical audience following.
  3. Brand Values – How do you communicate to your consumers? How should your employees act? (Think of Google and their ethics) What is the personality of your organisation?
  4. Visual Associations – What colours, fonts and imagery define your brand guidelines?
  5. What’s your story? – What is behind your business? Why was it brought to fruition? Your story can help establish loyalty and integrity.

Defining your brand helps your customers connect emotively, resulting in loyalty, advocacy and protect your price against competitors. Build trust and honesty with your brand. For more advice about building your brand contact us at Hello@skyfallservices.com

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