TikTok and Snapchat are taking the social media world by storm, leaving many of our customers asking if they are missing an opportunity by not marketing through these channels.

Many believe the target demographics are too young but with 188 million users (link: https://www.statista.com/statistics/545967/snapchat-app-dau/) on snapchat alone and 29 percent of users who are above the age of 25 you’d be missing a large potential audience! On the other side TikTok does have a very strong following of users under the age of 30, however, with video content emerging as the favourite form of content on the internet, TikTok, short form video platform has fast gained popularity.

In short, if Gen Z and Millennials are your target audience, we feel you should be running innovative campaigns on these platforms to build your user base and following.

Building engagement on Snapchat for B2B

Snapchat allows you to exchange diverse content such as videos or images (snaps), stories, stickers, audio and video notes with specific people. Since the interaction is restricted to your followers, you can expect a high degree of engagement with your target audience.

Here are our top tips on how to build Snapchat into your Marketing Strategy:

  1. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling is an important aspect of content strategy as a whole, and there’s arguably no better platform to tell your story than Snapchat.

Snapchat allows you to build a story, over time, using 10-second video clips. Your followers can then consume these as if they’re a short story. Over time you’ll accumulate a library of content through these short stories that paint a much bigger picture than your website ever can.

  1. Incentivise your audience to get involved

Snapchat offers a different way for you to engage with your audience. Instead of sending out tweets and communicating via text, you can incentivise your audience to engage with your brand and in return, get discounts or take advantage of special time offers.

For example, if you’re a B2B platform selling cloud hosting software you might want to offer your Snapchat followers a really impressive discount if they screenshot your snap.

  1. Build meaningful relationships with your audience

Don’t forget that your youngest audience view Snapchat as a fairly standard platform, and thus, there is a heavy presence of young professionals who actively use the platform.

We mentioned that 29 percent of Snapchat users are over 25, but it would be fair to expect that number to increase as users get older. So, what might seem like a non-conventional channel to you or your management team, is just the next ‘norm’ for someone else.

Building Engagement on TikTok for B2B

TikTok offers many organisations the opportunity to increase their brand awareness. Using TikTok Advertisments can be a great way to engage with a younger audience. TikTok breaks this down into four primary forms of as formats you can use.

  1. Infeed Native Content

TikTok videos last for 9-15 seconds; the native infeed videos must be 9-15 second in length. The content will be displayed in full screen much like how Instagram stories are displayed and are skippable. They support multiple features such as website clicks or app downloads. The impact the video has is measured by the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, video views, play duration, and video interactions (like share and comments).

  1. Brand Takeovers

In this category, images, animated GIFs and videos can be used. The embedded links can be connected to websites landing pages or challenges and hashtags within the platform. The brand takeovers are exclusive to one brand every day. This category offers impressions, unique reach, and clicks.

  1. Hashtag Challenge

This form of ads is used when brands choose to use promoted hashtags. In this category, the hashtag challenge will contain a link that directs the users to the main challenge page where they can see the details of the challenge and the featured instructions. Hashtag challenges can be measured by video interaction, clicks, banners views, and similar user-generated videos.

  1. Branded Lenses

With the promising outcome this app has had in the last few years since its debut, TikTok is undertaking initiatives to make it more engaging. One of the prospective projects picked up by the company is the branded lenses. Much like the Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for photos and faces, TikTok plans to make their platform could possibly infuse the feature to their application.

We often stress in our blogs that you shouldn’t aim to do everything. Take a look at your target audience and see if this is a market you could benefit from. For further information about Digital Marketing and building your Digital Strategy contact the team at SkyFall Services – Hello@skyfallservices.com

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