Unless you live under a rock it is impossible to ignore the growth of digital marketing and the power of social media in influencing potential consumers. Recently the national news was awash with the latest on a prankster who got his ‘Shed’ into TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurant in London through fake reviews written by him and his friends. This resulted in his phone ringing constantly with eager customers! Whilst this isn’t advocating honest Social Media Marketing, it does demonstrate the power of Social Media!

I think its safe to say we have all used Social Media to gather information, reviews and opinions on brands and products prior to making a purchase. Even post purchase we look to social media to resolve issues and share our experience (the good and the bad). So why wouldn’t organisations want to ensure a strong, positive social persona and encourage brand advocates to spread the word?

Firstly don’t be fooled in thinking that a twitter handle, Instagram profile, Facebook and LinkedIn page is going to solve all your problems! To achieve success your Social Media Marketing requires planning and dedication. Listen to your audience, share your relevant message and generate content that others can share.

Unlike most marketing activity Social Media Marketing can be the most inexpensive and powerful marketing tool you have. So where do you start and what is seen as good practice? Below are some pointers we recommend.

  1. It’s all about your website! Your website is your shopfront… if you’re going to invest time and effort in building a strong content strategy to drive your social marketing don’t fail to meet their expectations when you get them to your site! Make sure your site is easy to navigate, offers high quality content, has plenty Call to Actions and offers answers to any queries your customers may have.
  2. Identify a Persona. The key is in the word… Social… People like to engage with people… be friendly and genuine. Sound like a human, think about your voice and the personality of your business that resonates with your target audience.
  3. Build Relationships. Social Media is about relationships… Identify those who are a good fit with your audience. Think bloggers, authors, social influencers. You want them to share your content with their customers to widen your reach.
  4. What is your primary social platform? Where are your customers spending all their time? You can’t do it all… pick a platform where you intend to focus your efforts. This doesn’t mean forget the others, but prioritise where you feel you will get the most success.
  5. How much time do you have? Unfortunately, we only have so many hours in a day and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where managing your social media is taking all your time. Be firm with yourself and identify the worth of your time and that of social media… where is your time best spent and allocate accordingly.
  6. It’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t focus on generating so much content that it becomes noise and loses value. Use your content to educate your customers about what they need to know. It doesn’t always have to be original content, feel free to share that of other advocates that you feel would be of interest to your social audience

Whilst social media marketing is growing in popularity it is important to remember that a successful Marketing plan is varied and robust. Your social plan should support your marketing efforts and drive success. For more information about building a successful Social Media Marketing Plan contact  Hello@Skyfallservices.com

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