With the growth in modern marketing methods such as social media and email marketing where does telemarketing sit today?

Let’s take direct mail as an example. A few years ago marketers were adamant this marketing method was left if the past. However, direct mail has made a comeback due to the overuse of email marketing! Telemarketing in my eyes is the same. We have become so comfortable hiding behind our computers that talking and human interaction has become a novelty!

‘Human’ interaction is still key and in the words of Bob Hoskins and BT “It’s Good To Talk!” Emails, texts and social media posts can be misconstrued and easily ignored. This is why the power of the telemarketer and the ‘personal touch’ still remains vital in any successful marketing and sales campaign. Yes, while there are more modern methods of talking to other businesses, such as social media and email, effective telemarketers still have a place. One size does not suit all and many business executives still do their business transactions and negotiations on the phone. Communication through modern mediums don’t suit everyone and besides, even if you are already using such modern mediums, telemarketing is pretty much an ideal augmentation to their capabilities.

In my opinion telemarketing remain a vital part of the sales process. However, where it sits in that process needs reviewing.

As a seasoned marketer I believe that telemarketing is no longer seen as a method to farm bought data, but a tool that allows marketers to qualify Marketing Leads (MQLs). MQL’s come in from your various marketing channels (SEO, webinars, email marketing) and are thus unqualified. This ‘raw intelligence’ should not be directly sent to the sales team. Telemarketing can qualify prior to the lead leaving the Marketing nest and thus improving ROI.

Telemarketing is not dead. It has simply evolved.

All that remains is for you to choose the right telemarketing team to count on. You may have a new business team in house and contemplating adding this to their task list… however, it’s key to ensure the right team have a good mix of subject expertise, people skills, and an understanding of the prospect in order to easily engage. Make sure your team has access to clear, concise information about the product or campaign they are promoting and that they’re briefed on each prospect. At Skyfall Services we are equipped with a team of B2B Telemarketers to provide a structured, personalised and well-prepared call to deliver a positive outcome.

Look at our Telemarketing page for further information on how Telemarketing fits in.

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