As 2020 is fast approaching what are the latest trends we should be looking out for? At SkyFall Services we are often asked by customers ‘what should we be doing’ ‘what can we do better’ and ‘how can we drive more leads?’ Below are our key digital marketing trends for 2020.

Social Marketing Influencer

Influencer marketing has evolved and become increasingly personalised. 92 percent of people trust other consumer recommendations over corporate advertising. Further, a mediakix study predicts that the ad spend for influencer marketing could reach $10 billion by next year. It’s clear that influencer marketing is here to stay.

Video Streaming and Advertising

Video was a key part of many digital marketing strategies in 2019 and we believe it will continue to be a focus in 2020. By adding videos to your social networks and on your site, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live get watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live.

Interactive Content

Ninety-one percent of buyers are looking for more interactive content online. In 2020, content marketing will shift its focus to give audiences more of what they want such as shoppable posts and 360-degree video. The greatest shift in this has been seen in retail where customers can now view items on Instagram and be directly taken to the website to purchase the item thorough tagging. This increases conversion rates and keeps the customer engaged to the point of sale.

Social Media Stories

Initially Snapchat launched the concept of “My Story,” then Instagram, Facebook and YouTube closely followed suit. Recently we have seen the emergence of TikTok, where users create videos on the spot and behind the scenes for a less polished and more authentic look.

Since these types of stories disappear after a set period of time, this is a great opportunity for marketers to make good use of FOMO (fear of missing out).

There are several benefits to using social media stories including:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Constant engagement with followers
  • Cost-effective advertising solution
  • Increased traffic to your web page
  • Opportunity to reach younger audiences

Content Experiences via Content Marketing

As mentioned in our previous blog ‘Importance of content for social media’( content marketing is key when establishing connections with consumers and a brand. “Content experiences” are the amalgamation of content and context. Fundamentally, every piece of content conveys an experience, both good or bad, through elements like design, placement, environment and more.

Content experience is about addressing the whole user experience when engaging with the content. It puts control back in the hands of the marketer, while also focusing on the brand experience. It’s about thinking holistically as a marketer, an important part of considering your 2020 strategy.

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