No one wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to buy.

Most of our buying decisions are not based on well-defined logic. Emotions, trust, communication skills, culture and intuition play a big role in our buying decisions

So, how does Machine Learning help in modelling and predicting human buying behaviour?

The most common approach taken by many ‘AI-based’ sales start-up’s is to identify the next buyer by mining internet data. They look at what people are talking about in social media and then identify those who are searching for a given product or service. However, as pointed out in my article ‘Want to grow sales? Stop cold emailing. Start prospecting.’, people who are already actively looking online are not the best potential buyers (or prospects) to sell too.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning show the potential to reduce the most

time consuming, manual tasks that keep sales teams away from spending more time with

customers. Automating account-based marketing support with predictive analytics and

supporting account-centered research, forecasting, reporting, and recommending which

customers to upsell first are all techniques freeing sales teams from manually intensive


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