In today’s environment, marketing and sales roles have become more and more integrated. The strength of social platforms, where customers, buyers, sales and marketing, not only go on social to promote their brand, but more importantly to look for advice. I have seen more and more questions and quote requests come through LinkedIn. This means both our sales and marketing departments must now become social media experts to survive, as more and more customers will use this method to seek advice before they purchase.

Sales and Marketing… as we know it.

I remember 10 years ago, a sales person became a trusted advisor, when their customers would use them as their first port of call for any questions they didn’t know the answer too. How many times have you heard someone say “I’m a trusted advisor” but what does that mean in today’s market? In today’s market, it’s all about what content you share and how you share it. Combating these skills, will get you the title of “trusted advisor” in today’s market.

Let’s look at what is treading in 2018!

Top 10 social media trends to know for 2018

  • There are now almost 2.5 billion social media users
  • Social media is going mobile
  • Social messaging overtook social media
  • Social messaging will greatly benefit businesses
  • Chatbots are becoming the norm
  • Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social customer service
  • Organic reach and referral traffic are plummeting
  • Video is still the most popular content type
  • User-generated content can help drive reach and engagement
  • Businesses are pouring more money into social ads

So………How are we going to start integrating our sales and marketing functions, to become social selling experts……. Look our top tips below.

Social Selling – 7 top tips

  • Use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the right people, easier. More and more sales people spend 50% of their day, not just hunting, but researching, listening and scanning what is going out with their prospects and customers……… The information being shared is priceless, as it gives you an insight of what is happening in your customers world.
  • If done correctly, curating content will show off your expertise and skills. Curate thoughtfully: add value and then you will be considered for your brand content. If you have this mindset, you have a competitive advantage edge over your competition.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality. It’s not about the content you share, but more about what and how you share it.
  • You don’t need to connect with everyone. I don’t see the value in having 5,000 connections, unless they all will obtain value from your content. It is best to think more about quality and relevance to your network.
  • Build your credibility and become a trusted advisor. Your company may have a solid brand, but do you? Social networks can help you build your personal brand. It is a great record of your authenticity and great place to demonstrate your understanding of your industry
  • Participate and engage in relevant social groups. LinkedIn is an excellent source of prospects. All you need to do is find relevant groups, submit a request to join and start conversing with members when you are accepted.
  • Consistently provide value. Social networks are a time commitment, and this is exactly why, once you have started, following the right people, you must continuously provide valuable contributions.

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