A few months ago we wrote a blog on using social media to grow your business. Don’t be confused that Social Selling is the same as Social Media Marketing! (https://skyfallservices.com/blog/importance-of-content-for-social-media/) Social selling allows salespeople to laser-target prospects, establish rapport and possibly even replace cold calling.

So why should you explore social selling?Social selling lets your sales team build real relationships

In a recent survey by CSO Insights and Seismic, one in three B2B professionals said that social selling tools increased the number of leads they had to work with. Even more 39% said that social tools reduced the amount of time they spent researching accounts and contacts.

  1. Consumers are already engaged in Social Buying

According to LinkedIn (link https://business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/social-selling/what-is-social-selling), 76% of buyers are ready to have a social media conversation with potential providers, and more than 62 percent of B2B buyers respond to salespeople who connect with them to share insights and opportunities relevant to their business. Furthermore, 92% of B2B buyers (link https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/linkedin-sales-solutions/establish-your-professional-brand) are willing to engage with a sales professional who’s recognised as an industry thought leader, through the quality and consistency of relevant content shared.

  1. Your competitors are already using social selling

A whopping 71% of all sales professionals and 90% of top salespeople are already using social selling tools (link -https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/sales-solutions/resources/pdfs/linkedin-state-of-sales-2016-report.pdf). Among younger salespeople ( link – https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/sales-solutions/resources/pdfs/linkedin-state-of-sales-2016-report.pdf), the numbers are even higher, with 78% of all millennial sales professionals using social selling tools and 63% saying those tools are critical or extremely critical to their sales performance.

So what Social channels are the best for social selling?

 At SkyFall we focus on LinkedIn and Twitter as the two key social channels for social selling. Facebook is obviously also in the mix however how Facebook is used needs careful consideration. Many people don’t want to mix business with personal social channels. However it could be a great tool for the businesses looking to target B2C.


For B2B LinkedIn is the strongest social network. LinkedIn is used as a key resource for buyers when making purchase decision. For those looking to leverage some of these opportunities and use LinkedIn as a social selling platform we recommend you:

  • Build relationships and recommendations within your network. The stronger your credibility as an expert and trusted advisor the greater the success of engagements.
  • Look at the people you are connected with and the relevant groups to your target market.
  • LinkedIn’s biggest golden arrow is Sales Navigator. This is LinkedIn’s own unique tool geared towards social selling and prospecting. Sales Navigator opens the door to a new network of key decision makers.



Twitter is a great tool for social listening. The key to using Twitter for social selling is via Twitter Lists and Chats.

  • Use Twitter Lists to:
    • Keep an eye on your customers, identify opportunities and reply. However, don’t over engage at the fear of coming across ‘stalkerish’!
    • Twitter is useful for prospecting future customers. Make sure you create a private list and don’t engage with the same level of familiarity as you do customers!
    • Monitoring competitors is nothing new! However, Twitter allows you to keep abreast of their activity and ensure you are remaining ahead of the curve.
  • Twitter Chats can also be an important part of your social selling strategy, allowing you to establish yourself as an industry expert and can serve as an important prospecting strategy. Join in on an existing chat that’s relevant to your industry, or start your own.

If you would like any further information about Social Selling and where to start please contact our team at Hello@skyfallservices.com


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