Everyone is looking to generate new leads, but sometimes we are just stuck in our ways and just because it’s “what’s always worked” doesn’t mean it will continue to work. There is a time in every business, that the way we always did things will hit a brick a wall and unless we keep adapting our processes to match our customers behaviour, then one day we will be caught out…………………………….

It is true the customer is always right. I used to think that referred to just their actions, but on reflection I think it refers to their actions, behaviours and how they interact when making a decision. To generate leads we need to understand our customers…………which is a simple statement, but one many forget.

SkyFall generates sales leads on a daily basis for their clients, but we are still learning new ways as we move forward with social selling and digital marketing, so it’s ok to make mistakes, but unlike print, mistakes can be changed quickly, so go on try something new………. you may surprise yourself!

So, lets have a look at what tips we have for you to try.

Tip 1 – Target the Correct Audience

Use correct data so you can target the right people at the right time – There is no point marketing to an audience, who are not going to be interested. SkyFall uses Sales Navigator to help profile, which is easy to use and can save you lots of time. (Sales Navigator is part of LinkedIn)

Tip 2 – Focus on quality over quantity

The last thing you want is your target audience associating you with spammy content. This sounds obvious but is often forgotten. Once you have your target list, start to think what they would like to receive. What will benefit them? Research to ensure that your audience has a reason to buy.

Tip 3 –Social Media – Social is more than posting, start to Social Sell.

We love social selling. It’s a great way to connect and promote your service/product in a non-intrusive way. 85% of buyers will do their own research before they decide what they want to buy, so if you’re not promoting online, you will miss sales. We like to call it “Marketing to be Found”

Tip 4 – Networking

In our opinion, there is a place for attending networking groups, not only to obtain business, but to obtain a support group of similar characters. We have attended about 6 different networking groups over the past 18 months and trust me, you could attend 3 a day, 5 days a week if you wanted to. My recommendation is to try a few and find one you are comfortable with. You will see the benefit over a time, but may not be a quick win.

Tip 5 – Direct Mail

Direct mail I hear you say!….. I get that a lot. Not everyone knows what it is. Well Direct Mail is sending material through the post. This used to be a popular method before the internet, but has been forgotten, so depending on your audience there could be a channel that is not full of noise. If you are going to try this method, please make sure you the details are hand write the details on the front of the envelope – this way it will get past the gate keeper and through to the recipient.

We have had some success with the above points, so would love to hear how you get on. Let us know hello@skyfallservices.com. We here at SkyFall, believe, sharing ideas and experiences will make us all stronger.

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