The last 6 months have been tough for many, but the thought of another lock down could be catastrophic. The thought of winter approaching and going through another lockdown is not something we are looking forward to. We thought the previous lockdown was bad, but at least we were able to enjoy the great weather.

We have started to plan for the worst but are hoping for the best.

So how are we going to look after our mental wellbeing over the next 6 months and beyond?


We will be creating an action plan, which incorporates work tasks but in a fun way. Have a look at what we are planning to do.

  • Mini competitions which we award points for, and what do points make? You got it.….Prizes. I am not sure about you, but our team is very competitive, so this type of activity will help their mind stay focused, with a lot of laughter and fun throughout.
  • Offering alternative therapy – Reiki that is delivered virtually. We are an open-minded organisation, so we are open to trying this type of therapy, if it makes you feel better, it is worth doing. I have tried it and it made me feel relaxed and light……..Yes, really 😊
  • Virtual get togethers – These are done within the last 60 minutes of the day, so we can have a drink… which will help the team unwind and separate leaving work from their home office and stepping into their home life.
  • Colour cheers us up, so every Monday all team members will wear a bright colour to ensure our mood is uplifted ready for the start of the working week
  • Flexi time is a must – trying to juggle home working, home life, changes in school routines is extra stress we do not need

This is a learning curve for us all, but trying to look after our mental wellbeing, is looking after our future.

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