How many of us, use Sunday nights as time to plan our activity for the week ahead? I certainly do and I speak to many people who waste a lot of time on Sunday evenings, staring at their screens wondering what to post on their social media platforms for the upcoming week.

Life can be stressful enough without the added pressure of doing tasks you do not enjoy.

We outsource a range of services for several factors, but the top factors are:

1: Time is money – if it is not within our skill set and takes us twice as long as an expert, we outsource to a professional. Not only do we get the best person for the job, but we only pay for the work that has been delivered.

2: Professionals are not cheap – As a small business why hire many professionals, when you can outsource to them when required.

3: Cash flow – Without cash flow, running your business becomes very difficult. So why have a lot of PAYE for roles you only need on an irregular basis. In our opinion it is best to hire the person for the job and pay them for the hours worked on a contract basis.

Remember time is money!

I read an article from the East Midlands Business Link which highlights 5 benefits of outsourcing. I think it sums up the benefits of outsourcing.

The five benefits were:

  • Less time consumed in managing the team
  • No technical skills required
  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • Do what you specialise in
  • Quick Results

Read the full article here –

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